Hello. Is it Me You Are Looking For?

im sorry I haven’t been posting on here for a while. some things came up and such. im going to start posting again in may/june but im going through some tough things right now. Im going to come back to this blog later though!!! I cant wait!


Aww, we forgive you.

thank you…that post does not define my character at all and it should have been deleted immediately but sometimes you have to go through these things to become a better person and that’s what I strive to be. thanks for accepting the apology

i owe all of the armin fanboys an apology

sorry…im immature and childish and insulting your favorite character is not cool

might as well throw myself in the trash as well

anime voice: tch

expectation: jean is a horse

reality: jean rides a horse


being called cute by someone you consider cute



i have an evil plan in mind

god damn it annie not again

punfunny is the worst word you can use to describe someone because it has two meanings

  1. your puns aren’t funny and neither are you
  2. your puns are funny but they are puns

its 3 am. whats up all my fellow people!

is eren going to find you

i think you mean the real question is: Is eren going to make me pancakes sometime?

and the answer to that question is, sadly, no ;_;

Didn't you mean a season 2 of attack on titan? instead of a season 3, wouldn't it be season 2? or did you mean that there will be untill a season 3? please explain to me.

attack on titan is going to be a heartwrenchingly long anime that is going to pull the strings of millions of fans throughout the world so of course there is going to be a season 3!!

also bc of cash money (they are in it 4 the big money)